Influencer Marketing for Video Games and Esports

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Connect with popular gaming streamers and content creators to get high impact exposure. Sure, press coverage for your video game or esport brand will always be effective — but influencer marketing has set a new bar for making indie games and esports brands catch on in online gaming communities.

We'll review the video game influencers in our network and hand-pick the best streamers and content creators from:

  • YouTube
  • Twitch
  • Facebook Gaming

Whether you're looking for organic or paid influencer content about your game, know that video game influencer marketing is one of the secrets to success in the gaming industry.

We'll build out a targeted influencer marketing strategy and make sure your campaigns deliver ROI.


video game influencer marketing

Why choose influencer marketing for your video game or esports brand?

If you think influencer marketing is limited to just the fashion and beauty industries — think again. In the logged on world of gaming, a highly trusted influencer is one of the soundest investments you can make. 

If the gaming industry was growing before COVID-19 came to town, you could say it's thriving more than ever as gamers, like the rest of us, navigate life within lockdown. But with so many games getting released each day, there's a ton of competition when it comes to standing out within the online gaming community.

You might want to think about influencer marketing if you want to:

  • Identify an audience tailored to the games you make or sell
  • Improve engagement and word-of-mouth within your gaming niche
  • Put yourself in front of gamers who are highly likely to vibe with your brand
  • Cultivate a stellar brand reputation across your niche 

Now is the time to start working with gaming and esports influencers if you're hoping to generate better brand awareness, site traffic, and sales for your game or esports brand.  

Check out our full roster of case studies to learn how we've helped indie game devs and esports brands just like you. 

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