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How to grow your social following with gaming Discord servers

As a game developer, you know better than anyone that gaming communities provide game publishers with an unmatched opportunity to better engage users who want to share their experiences, become better players, and discuss the subtleties and nuances of games. But did you know you should be using gaming Discord servers to grow your online community?


Video game PR vs influencers? Pros and cons for game devs

In case you weren’t convinced about just how pervasive video games are in our culture, know this: almost 70% of Americans play some kind of video game each day. As a game developer, it’s up to you to create sick games for the general public — and capitalize on an increased market size by leveraging video game PR and influencer marketing. 

In this article, we’ll take you through:


5 Social media strategies to grow your gaming community

By now there’s no question that the video game industry has captivated the hearts, minds, and free time of most of the world’s population. Entertainment Software Association (ESA) revealed that in the US, almost 49% of adults frequently play video games for three hours (at least) a week, while 75% of households claim that they have at least one gamer.

And did you know that 65% of the US population aged 13 and above play video games? This is why gaming community management is important for any gaming brand that would like to not only connect and support their community, but grow it with the kind of virality endemic to the internet.

Free video game press release template for game developers

At Loopr, we’re all about the DIY ethos of the gaming industry. So we thought we’d take a second to offer up some of the industry knowledge we’ve picked up over the years by sharing a free video game press release template available for the game developers everywhere. 

Thanks to hilarious Tumblr accounts like Why I deleted your game’s PR email, we’re aware that too many game developers approach this important process blind — so much so that it’s become an industry meme. Lucky for you, Loopr PR & Marketing is here to save you from yourself.

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