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Why international game developers should market to Western audiences

Why international game developers should market to Western gaming audiences

When launching a new video game, one of the last things a developer wants to do is limit its audience. International game developers can already face difficulties in bringing in sales with ample (and still growing) competition and a limited market. Diversifying the reach of a newly launched game can be crucial to increasing sales, which could mean expanding to international markets. 

Sounds like a no brainer, right? Well, marketing to a foreign audience can come with a host of different challenges, but overcoming them can result in a much bigger launch and greater motivation for follow-up releases or add-on content.

2021 Esports industry trends: The future of gaming post-pandemic

2021 Esports industry trends: the future of gaming post-pandemic

In January 2020, the first case of a new viral strain was detected in the United States. Within months, the nation watched as the number of infected grew exponentially, forcing entire industries to shutdown in attempts to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Not even the video game community was safe from the repercussions of the ill-prepared response. However, it didn’t take long for one facet of gaming to re-emerge as the esports industry quickly found its footing in a world marred by lockdowns.

How to use TikTok for video game and esports marketing

TikTok marketing for esports brands and video game creators

Launched in September 2016, TikTok has truly soared in popularity — scoring more than 1.5 billion worldwide downloads as of Q4 2019. Despite some concerns over privacy that emerged in 2020, the platform continued to thrive with upwards of 50 million daily users in the United States alone. It’s no wonder why brands have started to shift focus from other social media platforms and implement TikTok marketing, including video game developers and esports organizations.  

The importance of video game ads in marketing your game

The difference between video game ads and sponsored content

Thriving and finding success on the internet as a game studio or creator is really a complex numbers game. The goal is to reach and engage more viewers than your competition. While that’s often accomplished through natural or organic search results, it’s entirely common for outlets like yours to turn to video game ads. 

Through native advertising, such as inline ads and boosted listings, or sponsored content, like promotional blogs and videos, it can be easier to reach your target audience. But, when faced with those two options, which is best for your needs?

In this glimpse into both choices, we’ll provide insight on their functions so you can better understand:

  • How gaming publications and blogs can help promote your product or event
  • How traditional paid ads and sponsored content differ in the gaming industry
  • What promotional content looks like when implemented
  • Which gaming media outlets to consider for sponsored content
  • The pros and cons of native video game advertising and sponsored content

The role of gaming influencers in the esports industry

What a time to be alive — especially if you’re involved in any way with the esports industry. While so many other business categories went into a sharp decline at the start of the global pandemic, the online gaming industry is experiencing steady growth. Professional gamers everywhere are seeing a significant increase in viewership, and that means more revenue. With more people stuck at home and seeking to entertain themselves on more online platforms, it’s no surprise that esports streaming is on the rise.


How to market your video game with Twitch influencers

Anyone in the online gaming community knows how important Twitch has become over the last few years. As a game developer, you know better than anyone how mission critical Twitch will be to video game marketing in 2021 — and beyond. But with so much peer to peer interaction going on, how exactly can you market on Twitch? The secret to success lies in Twitch influencers. 


How to approach indie game marketing on a small budget

If you’re an indie game developer, you’re likely well aware that marketing your new game is mission critical to your success in this competitive industry. A huge part of achieving the results you want is getting your game in front of the right audience. With your target audience hanging out on so many different digital platforms —  and so many other people out there trying to market their game — you might not know where to start, or how to be sure you can cut through the noise. This can be especially daunting if you have a humble budget for indie game marketing. 


Sony PlayStation 5 news: What developers need to know

Last week was a big week for gamers everywhere with the Xbox Series X launching on November 10th, and the Sony PlayStation 5 debuting November 12th. If you’re looking for the latest PlayStation 5 news geared for game developers, you’ve made it to the right place. 


Xbox Series X News: What game developers need to know

After quite a bit of hype Microsoft’s new flagship gaming console, the Xbox Series X, launched on November 10th 2020 for $500 — with pre-orders on the books dating back to September 22nd. With so much Xbox Series X news aimed at the consumer market, what should game developers take away from all of this? 

Twitch vs. YouTube for gaming influencers: Pros and cons of both

If you’re a game developer, you probably know that gaming has quickly become a way of life, rather than something players merely take part in. Not only is the number of people playing games online larger than ever — but so is the number of spectators tuning in to watch live streams of competitive gaming. From Call of Duty heavy hitters to the masters of Minecraft, there are hundreds of Twitch and YouTube gaming influencers who are changing the gaming industry.

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