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Loopr Helps ULTGG Reach the Moon with New NFT

When amateur gaming league organizer Ultimo GG reached out to Loopr PR to help announce its NFT, we knew it was quite a unique opportunity. Ultimo GG planned to launch the first-ever gaming token NFT to the moon (literally)! The company would launch a ledger into space filled with its unique gaming token ULTGG and required an astronomic video game PR campaign that would create a buzz.  ULTGG’s brand ambassadors include Jon Marianek (manager to the Logan Brothers Jake & Paul), boxing legend Amir Khan and Indonesian esports superstar Claraksu.


Case Studies: How Loopr can help with affordable video game PR and esports marketing

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Hi, we’re Loopr — the affordable video game PR and marketing agency built for game developers.

We offer plug-and-play public relations and social media marketing services for budgets of all shapes and sizes, helping companies in North America and beyond to make a splash in the video game, esports, and tech accessories space. 

Here’s a quick rundown of how we’ve set our clients up for success with affordable video game pr and esports marketing services over the last year —

7 ways to get your indie game noticed quickly

Here’s how to get your indie game noticed quickly: 7 expert tips

Once you’ve released your indie video game, you’re left with one of the most challenging aspects of post-launch – getting it seen by prospective players. So, how can you get your indie game noticed quickly? Video game marketing is a multifaceted concept that requires plenty of planning, and even when you put in the time and effort, you may miss the mark and still be overlooked. However, with the right marketing strategy, you’ll be on the road to success and plenty of sales.

As we discuss how to get an indie game noticed by players, you should walk away knowing:

  • Why you don’t need a huge budget for indie gaming marketing
  • 7 ways to get your name noticed quickly
  • Common pitfalls to avoid when marketing an indie game
Is Kickstarter a good way to launch your video game?

Is Kickstarter a good way to launch your video game? We have answers

Developing and launching a new video game is expensive. From the tools and resources needed during the development process to the marketing and outreach costs once completed, you can expect your budget to stretch well into the tens of thousands. It’s an intimidating amount for many, which is why some developers have turned to Kickstarter to crowdfund the development and distribution of their titles. But is Kickstarter a good way to successfully launch your video game?

content marketing tips for esports brands

Content marketing tips for esports brands

The internet has turned marketing into a multifaceted concept. Once reserved for commercials and magazine ads, we now use things like blogs, video content, guides, and so much more to push our product. This is especially true for esports brands and teams. Nowadays, if you want to keep your brand or event in the spotlight, you’ll need to go the extra mile and pick up some content marketing practices.


Why you should consider a grassroots marketing strategy for your video game

Indie developers face many complex questions when they take on a new project. While many of those quandaries deal with the actual creation of the product, some are geared toward the endgame — including the marketing strategy. Without an effective strategy, a new game will be dead in the water — but what’s the best method of getting the word out? While there are various options available to indie developers, a grassroots marketing strategy is a deliberate and targeted campaign that could inspire others to do the work for you. 

How next-gen consoles will affect video game marketing in 2021

How next-gen consoles will affect video game marketing in 2021

Every next-gen console release is an exciting time for all members of the gaming industry. Journalists eat up the opportunity for new coverage, players anticipate the future of their hobby, and indie developers and studios dive right into the new tech. At least, that’s what we see on the surface. Beneath the obvious thrills and exhilaration of a new console release lies another aspect that benefits indie developers and publishing studios quite a bit — new video game marketing opportunities. 

game publishers versus marketing agencies for video game advertising

Game publishers versus marketing agencies for video game advertising

When you develop a video game, there are so many questions that need answering. Chief among them is how, exactly, you will market your new title. The typical route for video game advertising is through a distributing publisher, but is that always the best option? With marketing agencies offering cheaper rates, indie developers may be swayed to keep more of their profits. However, it’s not just about the upfront cost. Developers also need to consider the value of what they’re actually receiving, and that’s what we’re here to discuss. 

Are Steam Curators legit?

Are Steam Curators and content creators legit? A gaming industry expert opinion

If you’ve ever launched a game, chances are you’ve been asked this question: “Can I get a free code in exchange for a review?” — it sounds like a tempting offer, but there’s a lot that you as a developer need to consider before you start dishing out free copies of your game. Sure, there isn’t any overhead attached to a code, but are these Steam content creators really doing you any favors by not paying for their copy? 

5 ways to market video games on a budget

5 Ways to market video games on a budget (and how much it’ll cost)

There are many different facets to game development, from level design to scriptwriting and core gameplay mechanics. However, not everything developers must consider involves the physical creation of the game. Video game marketing is an incredibly pivotal piece of the development puzzle, and it’s not something a team should sit on until the project is near completion. Especially since 95% of all indie games never see a sizable profit.

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