Advertisements and Sponsored Content

Get more eyes on your video games with targeted advertisement and sponsored content placememnts 

Reach your target audience with strategic video game advertisements and sponsored content placements in top gaming outlets. Ever wonder how slick ads and sponsored content campaigns wind up in outlets like:

  • IGN
  • Gamespot
  • Game Informer
  • or Kotaku

It helps to have a seasoned publicist, versed in advertisement and sponsored content negotiations, on your side.  

video game advertisements and sponsored content

We can get you a competitive rate for video game advertisements and sponsored content.

We have long standing relationships with key journalists and press outlets, which means the negotiation process for coveted advertising placements is quick and easy with Loopr. No more paying a premium for sponsored content or ad placements that don't perform. The best part is, we take care of everything. With Loopr, you'll never chase another journalist again. 

Check out our full roster of case studies to learn how we've helped indie game devs and esports brands just like you. 

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